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BellaDati IoT, DX and Advanced Analytics Framework = fast deployment by software and solution providers as well as by mobile apps developers.

Use your DX product in days. Equip your team instantly with new superpowers.

Complete Advanced Analytics Tool

Out of the Box and Platform = Key Differentiation

BellaDati is purely web based agile data analytics platform.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Statistics

  • Runs applications and interfaces to data sources and analytics models
  • A visual framework for users to interact with data and analytical results
  • A development environment for assembling data, analytics into situational intelligence applications
  • Development environment offers for the mathematical modeling and predictions

Real-time API and SDK

  • REST API allows other applications to directly access data provided by BellaDati
  • Through API, users can integrate BellaDati with their own custom client application
  • Full scale of options
  • Complete control about look & feel
  • Customized controls
  • Reports, dashboards, data sets, import resources
  • User and domain provisioning
ETL and Data Cleaning

ETL and Data Cleaning

  • BellaDati enables to combine data from different data sources
  • 100+ ready made connectors
  • Data enriching, cleansing, and transforming
  • Schema-related data transformations
  • Distributed data transformation for Big data
IoT unification framework

IoT unification framework

  • BellaDati Framework as key technology enabler of IoT
  • Collect and analyse data from sensors in real time
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
Big Data Warehouse

Big Data Warehouse

  • Distributed data transformation and computing
  • Load balancing of data within transformations and over multiple cluster nodes
  • Transformation can be optionally executed in parallel mode and distributed over BellaDati transformation nodes cluster
  • Supports MongoDB, Hadoop, Hive and Cloudera Impala
Ready to use Agile BI

Ready to use Agile BI

  • Report Creation in real-time
  • Combine KPIs without coding
  • Build your own data drill-down
  • Pivot, Forecast, math formulas
  • Easy filters for business user
  • Analyze un-structured data
  • Share, collaborate with team
GEO Data and Visualizations

GEO Data and Visualizations

  • Leading-edge location and spatial analytics for all strategic, business and operational purposes
  • BellaDati is distributed with a default bundle of map providers
  • Possible to use own map server or various mapping services
Multidomain Cloud

Multidomain Cloud

  • Provides option to run multiple environments on one hardware
  • Each environment provides separate workspace (data, users, appearance)
  • Environment templates