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BellaDati IoT Framework reinvents the way how quickly enterprises can build their IoT applications or Embed advanced analytics.

Pre-integrated suite provides 80% of features out-of-the box and eliminates risk, time and cost associated with process to build new solutions

Deploy your solution quickly with IoT Framework, IoT Controller, Embeddable Analytics,DWH, ML studio, Agile BI & multiple SDKs


Remote monitoring AND artificial intelligence

Shrimp Farms

Sensor-based monitoring devices in the combination with Belladati IoT Advanced Analytics Platform offers some of the most innovative solutions in IoT sector.

Smart City Lighting System

Key enabler to build smart cities of tomorrow

The BellaDati IoT Advanced analytics platform delivers end-to-end functionalities and creates the technical and economic conditions for offering energy management applications to consumers, industries, and cities.

BellaDati IoT Cloud

Our Plug-and-Play IoT Solution in the Cloud

BellaDati is proud to announce the release of the BellaDati IoT Cloud for the ready made unlimited exploration of real-time data from Cross Domain Development Kit XDK of Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions.


BellaDati 1 month coding challenge. Win 20 000 USD!

BellaDati 1 month coding challenge for Europe based Senior Enterprise Java Developer. Cash price for this challenge is 20 000 USD. Read below how to participate and what is the subject of the challenge. Subject of the challenge  Use BellaDati BI Platform IoT Console...

Customizing Layout of BellaDati Reports

Creating analytics content for your colleagues, customers or partners is a long journey. The analytics should provide the insights the users need, use the right visualisations and display the content in an attractive way for the end user. This blog will show you how...

Tips for Success with BellaDati

Bringing new analytics to your or customer's organization can be a long but rewarding journey, and it certainly doesn't stop after the launch of the first reports.  Whether you are a long-time BellaDati user or rolling out the first set of reports, we'd like to share...

Building IoT Solutions with BellaDati

Building solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) is exciting but also a balancing act. From avoiding business interruptions to factoring in security, there's a lot to consider. BellaDati IoT platform provides features for device control, data services and...

Choosing the right visuals for your data analytics

Choosing the right visual is critical to properly explain the meaning of the data to the end user. This blog provides guidelines for most common visualization types.Tables list records and consists of rows and columns. Tables can show a lot of information in a...