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BellaDati 1 month coding challenge for Europe based Senior Enterprise Java Developer. Cash price for this challenge is 20 000 USD. Read below how to participate and what is the subject of the challenge.

Subject of the challenge 

  • Use BellaDati BI Platform IoT Console libraries based on Java Frameworks
  • Modify and add custom functions to module above
  • Exact scope will be exactly described during interview
  • Collaboration with BellaDati development team in Prague, Czech Republic

How to participate? 

  • Send us e-mail with subject BDchallenge-Your Name with link to your CV or attach it. Send it on Do it till February 14th 2020! 
  • We will invite you to have 40 min interview with us
  • Selected candidate will be awarded with 1 month contract worth of 20 000 USD
  • Candidates will be interviewed 10th Februrary onwards

What is the price?

  • Contract worth of 20 000 USD in cash
  • Possibility to join BellaDati IoT Collector development team on a longterm basis


Is this challenge for you?

  • Scope of this challenge is perfectly doable by senior Java Developer within 1 month. But you can invite your colleague as well.
  • Significant technologies used are Java, Hibernate, Spring, Tapestry and a little bit of JavaScript
  • Communication through Jira, Git, Video Conference and or challenge milestone meeting in Prague center office




Ready? Go for it! Send e-mail to